Pintle Heavy Equipment Trailers

NC and VA Pintle Heavy Equipment Trailers

Heavy Equipment Trailers are Kraftsman's premier line of air brake trailers. Trailers in this category are standard with air brakes, Hutch 9700 suspension, and 17.5" tires. Heavy Equipment trailers are available in Tag, Tilt, or Lowboys. Pintle hitch trailers are best used for heavy equipment hauling, and allow for both greater weight capacity and movement than a ball mount.

If you're hauling more than 20,000lbs and need a reliable, high-quality trailer at a fair price that doesn't include a dealer markup - Kraftsman heavy equipment trailers are the perfect choice.

We offer the following heavy equipment hauling trailers for North Carolina, Virginia, and US national customers:

Heavy Duty Pintle Equipment Trailer
Heavy Duty Equipment Tilt Trailer
Fixed Neck Lowboy Trailer - 14" Mill Beam
Fixed Neck Lowboy Trailer - 24" Mill Beam

If you're a paving contractor, construction professional, heavy equipment dealer, or other pro in the Southeast and beyond, you need a heavy equipment Trailer for the Long Haul - a tried, tested, trusted Kraftsman trailer.