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Trailers For The Long Haul. 

About Kraftsman Trailers

Kraftsman, Inc. opened for business in August of 2000 in Ramseur, NC. Our goals are simple: To offer outstanding products at a reasonable prices, coupled with unsurpassed customer service. Since its inception, Kraftsman has produced tens of thousands of trailers. Our roots are important to us, and we are still constructing each trailer with the care and service that went into the first units produced. 

In the beginning, Kraftsman's entire product line was manufactured in a 6,500 ft² facility in Ramseur, North Carolina. In 2013, the decision was made to expand the manufacturing facilities and begin to open additional factory stores. An additional 16,000 ft² was added to the original building in 2014. In 2015, Kraftsman opened a separate 133,500 ft² building in Albemarle, North Carolina, where the second factory store was opened. Today, Kraftsman produces hundreds of trailer models from these two facilities, with new models being added each year. 

Kraftsman offers a direct manufacturer-to-customer buying experience, and as such our trailers are not available through dealers. However, our trailers are distributed and stocked at our factory stores. 
So, Why is it better to buy from a factory store than from a dealer?

  • Buying directly from the factory results in a lower delivered cost. Regardless of what other manufacturers may say, purchasing a trailer from a dealer means that the trailer will be sold at retail pricing, which will include a dealer markup. This markup is applied to the price of the trailer, every option you purchase, and even freight! Purchasing from the factory means you do NOT pay dealer markup!

  • No one is better equipped to supply you with information and advice on a trailer than the manufacturer. Each Kraftsman sales consultant undergoes training that includes being involved in the trailer manufacturing process. This process gives our highly trained staff knowledge and insight that a dealership just won't have. Also, Kraftsman sales associate has the unique opportunity to be "hands-on" with your trailer during the construction process!

  • Greater levels of communication before the sale. At Kraftsman, your calls are not redirected to a dealership 600 miles away. You speak to the people directly involved in the production of your trailer, eliminating errors that may stem from ordering a trailer through a "middle man." Each customer is unique, and each have their own questions and expectations for their trailer. Communication is crucial, and your Kraftsman sales consultant is able to take as much time as is needed to go through every step of the process with you.

  • Support and service after the sale. We believe customer service, both before and after the sale, are crucial to the success of our customers. Kraftsman staff is well-trained to handle your questions, and are prepared to give helpful information regarding trailers, parts, or service. We also use Dexter axles, Optronics lighting, Kenda tires, Bulldog jacks and couplers, and Bargmen harnesses, meaning parts available all over the country. 

  • Growing number of factories, company stores and service centers. For years, Kraftsman has operated successfully in central North Carolina. As we continue to add factory stores and service centers, you will have multiple locations to view our products, purchase trailers and parts, or service your current trailers.

  • Buy what you want...not just what the dealership happens to have. Kraftsman builds the majority of our trailers to order. This process keeps our inventory as fresh as possible, allowing you to get the exact trailer that you need. At a dealership, units are stocked until they sell, meaning that some of the inventory may be months...even years old! Kraftsman's entire trailer catalog can be ordered and customized to your specifications, meaning when you purchase a are purchasing the "newest" trailer available.

  • We ships truckloads of trailers throughout the continental US...Every week! One of the primary draws of a local dealership is that you do not have to go far to pick up your trailer. At Kraftsman, we have several shipping options to get your trailer to you. If your trailer is shipped via Bulk Freight, it becomes part of a shared load. If you can unload your trailer, it can be delivered for a fraction of what it would cost to come get it. For those who required a speedier delivery, expedited shipping is available. Ask about our shipping programs, and let one of our sales consultants tell you how easy it is to have your Kraftsman trailer delivered to your door.

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