Fender Equipment Trailers

Kraftsman Fender Equipment Trailers are built with a broad range of uses in mind. From hauling skid steers and mini-excavators to transporting small to medium sized tractors, cars, and trucks, these trailers are built to get the job done. Fender Equipment Trailers average about a 26-28” deck height, which makes both stepping onto the trailer and loading and unloading easy. They are also exceptionally safe to use, since the low deck height keeps the center of gravity very low.

Kraftsman’s offers Fender Equipment Trailers in a range of sizes, with GVWRs from 7,000 to 24,000 lb., and with lengths from 12’ - 30’ long.

Ramp Fender Equipment Trailer Models:

Model A5 :  7,000 lb. Wood Floor Equipment / Car Hauler Trailer

The model A5 is our light-duty equipment trailer, and also doubles as an economy wood-floor car hauler. The A5 is suitable for payloads ranging up to 5,000 lb., and can be towed comfortably with a ½ ton or larger truck. Popular uses for this trailer include large UTVs or side-by-sides, multiple fourwheelers, small lawn tractors, small cars, etc. There are 3 trim-levels of the A5:

  • A5-E : 7K Econo Wood Floor Equipment / Car Hauler

    The A5-E is built with stud mounted lights, a 2,000 lb. top-wind tongue jack, one brake axle on the rear, and 48” slide-in ramps. This trailer is aggressively priced to compete with the more economical trailers on the market, and is suitable for hauling side by sides, small lawn tractors, small cars, etc. This trailer is recommended for occasional use in personal applications. 

  • A5-S : 7K Wood Floor Equipment / Car Hauler

    The A5-S features the same chassis as the A5-E, but upgrades to rubber mounted lights, brakes on both axles, 3” channel crosspieces, a 4” channel tongue & wrapper, and 3-piece tongue with a 5K flip-up jack. The ramps are also mounted on the rear tailboard of the trailer and travel in the “stand-up” position, rather than sliding into a storage compartment on the side.

  • A5-X : 7K Elite Wood Floor Equipment / Car Hauler

    The A5-X model is the premium version of the A5-S. The trailer is constructed the same as the S-Model, and adds lifetime LED Lighting with a sealed wiring harness, an adjustable coupler, and a full-height headboard.

Model E : Fender Equipment Trailers

Model E Trailers are our most popular line of fender equipment trailers. These trailers are classic in design and have been on the market for many years. All E-Series trailers have the following standard features:

  • Robust channel main frames, tongues, and frame wrappers
  • 3” channel crosspieces
  • Radial Tires
  • Brakes on all wheels
  • Channel stand up ramps
  • #1 Grade Pine Floor
  • Diamond Treadplate Fenders 

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