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Model HP-60 HDPS-LA

HP-60 HDPS-LA Pintle Paver Special

GVWR: 66,000
Model #: HP-60 HDPS-LA

Trailer Specifications

The following configurations of this trailer are available to best suit your needs.


  • 16” @ 26 lb. I-Beam Main Frame & Tongue
  • Pierced 4” Crosspieces on 16” Centers
  • 8” Channel Side Rail with Knee Braces
  • 6” Channel Headboard, 1x Step Per Side, Spare Mount


  • Lifetime LED Lights, Rubber Mounted
  • USA Made Sealed Wiring Harness
  • 7-Way Semi Plug for Signals & Lighting
  • 2-Way Plug, 4 GA Charge Cable for Batteries (Not Applicable on Air Ramps Trailers)


  • 3 x 25,000 lb. Heavy Wall Oil Bath Axles
  • 12 1/4” x 7 1/2” Air Brakes on All Hubs, 2S/1M
  • Hutch 9700 Suspension on Rear 2 Axles
  • Cush Air Ride w/ Lift on Front Axle
  • 12 x 255/70 R22.5 16 Ply Tires, 22.5” Rims


  • 66,000 GVWR
  • 24’ Flat Deck + 6’ Wood-Lined Beavertail
  • 8’ Tall x 34” Wide Hydraulic Ramps
  • 40” Unloaded Deck Height
  • 6’ Cold-Formed Tongue w/ Toolbox

Additional Features

  • 2” Nominal Linseed Oil-Stained Oak Decking
  • Dual 2-Speed 50K Jacks
  • 90,000 lb. Bolt-On, Adjustable Pintle
  • Heavy Duty D-Rings on 36” Centers
  • HD Anti-Sail Mudflaps


  • High Pressure Phosphate Wash
  • Primed Top & Bottom w/ Automotive Primer
  • Two Top Coats of 2-Part PPG Black Gloss
  • DOT Reflective Tape, Kraftsman Decals
  • Safety & Operational Decals

Available Trailer Options

The following options are available on this model; speak to your sales advisor for the most comprehensive selection. A variety of colors are available, and almost any color can be matched. A front lift axle is standard on this model. 

Deck Length + Dovetail

24' + 6'
26' + 6'
28' + 6'


8' x 34" Hydraulic or Air
8' x 44" Hydraulic or Air
11' x 44" Bi-Fold Hydraulic or Air


Hydraulic Jacks
Double Break Beavertail
Side Toolboxes
Air Ride Suspension
4S/2M ABS System


Pick Your Color
Aluminum Outer Wheels
Strobe Light Packages
Deck Stain


Kraftsman's HP-60 HDPS-LA is constructed with a 16" I-beam main frame weighing 26 lb. per foot, 4" pierced crosspieces on 16" centers, and an 8" channel side rail with knee braces. In additional to the specifications on the HP-60 HDPS the HP-60 HDPS-LA has an air ride front axle with lift axle kit installed from the factory. This extra feature allows the front axle to be raised when transporting empty or with lighter loads, saving wear and tear on the front set of tires.

Like all of Kraftsman Trailer's HP series, the HP-60 HDPS-LA is loaded with premium components that make it perfect for the paving industry. The trailer rests on dual 2-speed 50K jacks and 22.5" 16 ply Radial tires with aluminum outers. The 8' x 34" hydraulic ramps make loading and unloading safe and easy. Standard running gear includes three 25,000 lb. heavy wall oil bath axles.

The HP-60 HDPS-LA has a 66,000 GVWR rating, and is available in three sizes: 102" x 28' (22' + 6'), 102" x 30' (24' + 6'), and 102" x 32' (26' + 6')

Kraftsman Trailers is the industry leader in paver trailers! Contact us today to find out about additional options, and let us know how we can help you!

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