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Kraftsman Hydraulic Dovetail Gooseneck

Deckover Goosenecks


Our durable, reliable gooseneck trailers are built for the long haul, a construction company carrying equipment somewhere new every week, a hot shot driver spending most days on the road, or a farmer that needing to haul hay & materials.

Gooseneck Trailers for Sale in NC, VA, the Southeast & Beyond

At Kraftsman, we build hardworking gooseneck trailers designed to haul any load, whether you’re a construction company moving heavy volumes of equipment each week, a hotshot driver hauling your next load, or a farmer looking for an economy trailer for occasional hauling.

When you come to Kraftsman in search of the perfect gooseneck trailer, you aren’t just another sale completed and quickly sent out the door. We work with you to learn more about how you’ll be using your trailer in order to determine and recommend the best gooseneck for your needs. With five different trailer series in our catalog, including some already in stock, we are able to offer a high-quality, durable gooseneck trailer for every use at our Ramseur and Albemarle, NC locations. Each trailer is carefully designed and manufactured with quality in mind and using only quality parts, such as Dexter axles.

Our catalog includes the following deckover gooseneck trailers built in North Carolina and available for pickup or delivery across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and beyond:

Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers Made in North Carolina

Our G1 Series was designed with a hobby farmer or small construction company in mind. This is a ‘light-duty’ gooseneck trailer, and is constructed with a 10” I-beam frame with stacked crossmembers. The G1-14 is our entry level model, and is ideal for occasional use hauling hay, small tractors and equipment, and other similar light duty equipment. It is only available as a 20’ flat deck plus 4’ beavertail configuration. The G1 is also available in a 15,000 lb. and 16,000 lb. GVWR ratings; these capacities feature an upgraded chassis, including 16” crossmember spacing and a 6” side rail, in addition to adding LED Lighting and a sealed wiring harness. Both the 15K and 16K models are available in 24’, 26’ and 28’ lengths, and are standard with radial tires, Dexter EZ-Lube Bath axles, and a 34-35” unloaded height and 60" x 20" stand-up, spring-assisted ramps for easy loading and unloading.

Our GS Series is our commercial-grade gooseneck trailers for those hauling frequent loads. . Built on a 12" I-beam main frame and stacked 3" cross pieces on 16" centers, these gooseneck trailers are full of small features that make a big difference. A large front toolbox, dual spring loaded jacks, side steps, an engineered formed dovetail, and full 6” channel side rails are just some of the features that set this trailer apart from the competition. These trailers are available in 25’, 27’, 30’, and 35’ lengths with a 15,000, 16,000, 18,000, 22,500, or 25,990 GVWR rating.

Our GL Series is similar to our GS series, but these gooseneck trailers are built with a pierced frame. Featuring a 12" I-beam main frame and neck, pierced 3" cross pieces on 16" centers, and a 6" channel side rail with knee braces, this series is designed for the farmer, construction contractor, or hotshot hauler frequently moving heavy loads and equipment. Its construction offers less side-to-side flex, and sits about 4” lower than a similar stacked frame trailer. The GL series are our best gooseneck trailers, and are offered in five different capacities with 25’, 27’, 30’, 35’, and 40’ lengths and a 16,000, 18,000, 22,500 or 25,990 GVWR rating..

Our G4 Series consists of our heaviest duty gooseneck trailers, designed for companies and individuals hauling heavy loads using drivers with CDLs and commercial trucks that need a trailer to fit these needs. These are built with a traditional I-beam construction consisting of a 14" 22 lb. I-beam main frame with pierced 3" cross pieces on 16" centers and a full 8” side rail for maximum chassis strength. These trailers can also be built to order and completed with an 8-10 week lead time. These heavy-duty gooseneck trailers are available in 30’, 35’ and 40’ lengths with a 30,000 or 40,000 GVWR rating.

Lastly, our GX Series compares to our other trailers, but these gooseneck trailers feature a hydraulic dovetail. Our hydraulic dovetail is a unique, self-locking design, and is available in five different deck configurations: treated pine, oak, blackwood, self-cleaning, or solid metal with 1” angle cleats on the wheel path. Also unique to our design is our 12’ tail length, which hinges in front of the rear axle. This design is far superior to the traditional 10’ tail offered by most manufacturers; The load angle is lower, while the hinge placement still allows for minimum tail swing. The self-locking design is far-superior to the more traditional rotating latch seen on most of our competitor’s trailers.


Offering Gooseneck Trailers in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Beyond

Kraftsman’s gooseneck flatbed trailers are available for pickup at our Ramseur and Albemarle, NC locations, or for delivery in North Carolina, Virginia, throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, and beyond. We are proud to work with financing companies experienced with the trailer industry, and offering financing options on these goosenecks. Have questions about Kraftsman’s gooseneck trailers for sale? Please fill out a quote form or give us a call at 833-789-4285. Our sales representatives look forward to hearing more about what you plan to haul and working with you to find the perfect trailer for your needs. 


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