Rent-to-Own Trailers With No Credit Check Near You


At Kraftsman, we’re proud to offer rent-to-own financing for a variety of our utility, car hauler, fender equipment, dump, and deckover flatbed trailers. Whether you have bad credit or simply don’t want your trailer purchase to affect your credit score, our rent-to-own program offers a great option to secure the trailer you need to keep your small business moving or haul equipment for your personal projects and hobbies. 

Our rent-to-own program allows individuals to finance any trailers up to $25,000. This makes it ideal for purchasing utility trailers, dump trailers, single car haulers, equipment trailers and even some models of gooseneck trailers. 


Why Rent-to-Own Your Kraftsman Trailer?

When you purchase a Kraftsman trailer through our rent-to-own program, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

No credit check, and your purchase never hits your credit. Whether your credit disqualifies you from traditional trailer financing, you’re in the process of purchasing a home and don’t want your credit score to be affected by your trailer purchase, or you simply don’t want a credit check for another reason, you can still purchase the trailer you need through this financing program.

Easy approval. All you need to qualify for our rent-to-own program is a driver’s license, two proofs of residence, and personal references. As long as you meet these qualifications, you’re automatically approved.

Flexible terms and payment options. We offer 24-, 36- and 48-month terms to give you options for how much you pay each month and how soon you’ll own your trailer. We can also work with you to lower your monthly payment by putting more down initially.

Available for nearly any trailer. Any trailer sold for $25,000 or less qualifies for our rent-to-own program without a credit check. If you need a more expensive trailer, but are interested in our rent-to-own program, you can put down a higher initial payment to get it below the $25,000 cap. 


How The Kraftsman Trailers Rent-to-Own Program Works

Once you have selected a trailer you’d like to purchase, we can begin the rent-to-own process.

  1. Start by filling out a rent-to-own application. We’ll need copies of your driver’s license and two proofs of residence (your driver’s license can be one), along with contact information for personal references to confirm your identity. If you rent your home, we’ll need contact information for your landlord. This process can begin over the phone, so there’s no need to visit one of our central NC dealerships.

  2. We’ll help you select your term and determine a payment.

  3. We’ll process the lease paperwork.

  4. You’ll make your initial payment of the first month’s rent along with processing fees.

  5. You haul away your trailer! We’ll need to see your driver’s license and get your signature at this time. The name of the person picking up the trailer must match the name on the rent-to-own application.

Our rent-to-own program for utility trailers, car haulers, gooseneck trailers, equipment trailers and more is available in most eastern and central states, though not all areas of the US are covered. For all rules and qualifications, please speak with your Kraftsman sales representative.

Ready to rent to own a Kraftsman trailer? Get in touch today to learn more about our trailers available for rent, or to inquire about our rent-to-own trailer financing program. Please fill out a quote form, or give us a call at 833-789-4285 to speak with a sales representative about what you plan to haul or what type of trailer you’re looking to rent.