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Kraftsman Partners

While Kraftsman Trailers is happy to work with any individual or any business to get the right trailer to the customer, we have do have several preferred partners that we regularly work with, and that help our customers get the highest quality trailer, and one accessible to them geographically and financially. 


Axles & More: 

Kraftsman maintains a strategic partnership with Dexter for a variety of components that are part of our trailers, most notable our electric brake axles and related systems. With Dexter axles under our trailers, Kraftsman's customers can have the piece of mind knowing that they're hauling a trailer with the best axles on the market. Further, Kraftsman's direct partnership with Dexter can facilitate direct support for our customers from Dexter, when needed. 


Steel Eagle Logistics is our primary trailer delivery partner. Owned by a team that's highly experienced in trailer manufacturing and delivery, Steel Eagle Logistics assists Kraftsman in the timely and effective delivery of trailers that our customers need delivered anywhere in the United States. 


Kraftsman maintains strategic partnerships with certain commercial and personal lenders, in order for our customers to have as an efficient experience as possible when acquiring financing for their trailer. We also offer Rent-To-Own financing on all in-stock trailers! Contact a salesperson for more information and Kraftsman-specific application links. 
*Please note that Kraftsman will work with any financing company willing to work with us! 


Kraftsman Trailers prides itself in being a manufacturer-direct organization; with a few exceptions, we build every trailer we sell, and are the only seller of trailers we build! However, we do have a couple of strategic partnerships with dealers that can order, and often have stock of, trailers from Kraftsman: 

For our customers in Quebec and Ontario, contact Insta-Mix Inc

For those in the greater Phoenix, AZ area, check out High Desert Trailers

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