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Farming & Agriculture Trailers

You're providing the food and raw organic materials to the Southeast US and across the nation - and you need a trailer that's as strong and reliable as the country needs you to be.

Kraftsman Trailer's line of gooseneck trailers, built with the needs of farmers and agriculture organizations in mind , are built for the long haul - whether you're hauling equipment, hay, supplies, or other materials, a Kraftsman Trailer built for your farming needs will reliably get the job done.

With two locations in North Carolina and service to Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and beyond - Kraftsman Trailers has the right trailer for your agricultural hauling needs.

Whether you need a single-wheel or dual-wheel gooseneck, as low as 14k GVWR or more than 40k GVWR, and hydraulic assistance on the jacks, we've got the right trailer for you. We also think we have the best hydraulic dovetails in the industry - ask our salesperson for a demo video today.

Kraftsman Trailers and farmers - partnering on Trailers For The Long Haul.

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