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Southern Sun Paving Truck with Kraftsman Trailer

Southern Sun Paving

Southern Sun Paving Truck with Kraftsman Trailer
Kraftsman HP40 with paving equipment and southern sun
gray dump truck pulling black kraftsman trailer

Southern Sun Paving is a family-owned asphalt paving contractor specializing in residential and small commercial work in Middle Tennessee. The company needed a replacement for their old, tired paver trailer that had a load angle that was too steep and a deck that was too short. The company was growing rapidly and required a paver trailer that would allow the team to mobilize multiple pieces in one trip while still being agile enough to navigate narrow city streets.

Southern Sun Paving found its solution in Kraftsman’s 20-ton 24 + 6’ trailer. They were initially drawn to this trailer because it was offered at a great value, and after seeing firsthand the quality our trailers offer for the price, they decided to purchase two more paver trailers: a 24+6' 22.5 ton and a 20' 7 ton. These three trailers are used regularly to haul all types of grading and paving equipment.

Southern Sun Paving credits Kraftsman with helping their operations run smoother because they don’t have to manage the logistics of multiple trailers on the road or worry about breakdowns as they travel between projects.

“We’ve had great success with Kraftsman trailers,” said Southern Sun Paving Foreman Landon Morel. “When you hook up to them you don’t have to worry about if the lights will work or if they’ll handle the load; just load them and get after it.”

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