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Kraftsman Lowboy by Drew Discount

Discount Dirtworks

Kraftsman Lowboy Green with Discount Dirtworks

Discount Dirtworks is a luxury equestrian arena contractor that specializes in equestrian site development. The company came to Kraftsman seeking a trailer company willing to tweak designs and customize options to fit their specific needs. Their fleet contains many custom show trucks, and they needed a trailer company that could design and build trailers to complement these trucks. 

Drew Discount is an especially-appreciated Kraftsman Trailers partner, as he's worked with Kraftsman to test and perfect new trailers, and major updates to current offerings.

“Image is everything, and we like pulling up to a job site looking perfect with a matching fleet,” said Drew Discount. “It sets the stage for the quality our customers can expect from us.” The Kraftsman and Discount Dirtworks teams have worked closely to design and build several custom trailers, discussing the pros and cons of each option, then quickly quoting a fair price for each design. 

Their current fleet of Kraftsman trailers includes deckover goosenecks, a 70k semi trailer, and bumper pull equipment trailers. Discount Dirtworks credits our successful partnership to Kraftman’s willingness to make the customer happy. “If you like a company that is always looking to advance their products and take their trailers to the next level, Kraftsman Trailers has you covered. Customer service is the most important to them.” 

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