Hutch 9700 Suspension

The Hutch 9700 Suspension is the most reliable Heavy Duty Spring Ride Suspension on the road today. This suspension system reduces downtime and maintenence while providing a smooth and quiet ride, reducing stress and fatigue on cargo and operator. Hutch 9700 suspension is available as an option on trailers with 10,000 - 15,000 lb. axles, and standard on 22,500 and 25,000 lb. axles. Genuine Hutch suspension will always be stamped with the Hutch mark.

Option Features

  • Improved spring seat design that efficiently transfers forces from the axle to the spring.
  • All hangers and rockers are made from lightweight fabricated or cast steel.
  • Lighter roll-formed top plate that offers greater stability under U-bolt clamp loads.
  • Huck “lockbolt” fastening system that is virtually maintenance-free.
  • ½” wear pads in hangers and rockers.
  • Wrapped fabricated torque arm eye-ends prevent separation under extreme conditions.
  • Million Mile Rocker Bushing that virtually eliminates bushing fatigue and failure.
  • “NEVER-SEEZ ® ” coated torque arm screws are painted to resist corrosion while allowing easy adjustment for suspension alignment.
  • Available on all Kraftsman deckover trailers with 10,000 lb, 12,000 lb, and 15,000 lb. axles.
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