Expanded Metal Sides

Expanded Metal Sides are available for both our Angle Utility Trailers and Channel Utility Trailers. These sides are made of durable, flattened expanded metal, and are very popular for hauling brush, trash, mulch, and leaves, as well as landscaping equipment. Expanded Metal Sides are often combined with our Landscape Box or Utility Side Gate. Expanded Metal Sides are available in 12", 24", and 48" heights. 

Option Features

  • Rugged 3/4" Expanded Metal is heavy duty and durable
  • Offers greater security for equipment and tools than standard 12" tall siderails
  • Great for hauling leaves, trash, brush, etc. Keeps materials and equipment secure
  • Available on our Angle Utility Trailers and Channel Utility Trailers (A5, A6, A7, L5, L6, L7)

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