ATV Side Ramps

On any of our Channel Utility Trailers, Kraftsman offers our ATV Side Ramps. This option allows the side rails to be removed and used as a ramp to load from the side of the trailer. This option is very popular for hauling multiple ATVs. It can also be used to load materials from the side of the trailer, like a pallet. The ramps can also be used from either side of the trailer, meaning you never have to back down the ramps.

Option Features

  • Sturdy 2" x 2" x 3/16" Angle Construction is durable 
  • Ramp fuctions as a side rail when in the travel position
  • Ramp is 60" long x 12" Wide with a 56" Opening
  • Compatible with Channel Utility Trailers 12' - 14' long in a single axle and 14' - 20' long in a tandem axle
  • Can be combined with 12" Expanded Metal Sides
  • Available on Channel Utility Trailers (L5, L6, L7)

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