Pop-Up Dovetail

The 4' Cleated Self-Cleaning Pop Up Dovetail allows your dovetail and ramp trailer to be transformed into a straight deck trailer. This option is extremely popular for customers hauling hay, pallets, and more, and is available on our flatbed and gooseneck series. The dovetail is lightweight and spring assisted, and can be raised and lowered in just a few seconds. 2" x 2" angle cleats  provides superior traction to standard woodlined dovetails, and allows mud and dirt to wash through.

Option Features

  • Durable 2" x 2" angle cleats provide excellent traction 
  • Self-Cleaning (Open Cleat) design allows dirt and debris to wash off easily
  • Spring Assist allows dovetail to be raised quickly and with minimal effort
  • Lies flush with flat deck when in the raised position
  • Economical alternative to wedge ramps or hydraulic dovetail
  • Available on Bumper Pull Flatbed Trailers, Gooseneck Flatbed Trailers, and Tandem Dual Goosenecks



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