1/8" Treadplate Floor

Kraftsman offers our 1/8" Diamond Treadplate Floor as an upgrade on most of our Utility Trailers and Equipment Trailers. Diamond Treadplate Flooring is known for it's durability, and is most popular for rubber tire or tracked vehicles. Diamond Treadplate Flooring can also be combined with Square or Angle Grouser Bars (Also known as Traction Bars) to add extra grip on certain dovetail and ramp combinations. 

Option Features

  • 1/8" Treadplate is durable and visually appealing
  • Floor is easy to wash and keep clean
  • D-Rings and other accessories can be welded or bolted directly to the deck
  • Available on Channel Utility Trailers and Equipment Trailers
  • Standard on the C4 and C5 Single Car Haulers

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