Have a custom trailer design or application in mind? Kraftsman can build it for you!

Since 2000, Kraftsman has worked closely with our customers, designing trailers for multitude of different uses. For your convenience, we offer a full line of standard trailers, including Utility, Equipment, Car Haulers, Forestry and Agriculture trailers, Lowboys, and more. Most of these trailers come with an extensive list of standard features and options that allow these trailers to be utilized for different industries. Quickly take a look at our Trailer CatalogAny deviation from the standard specifications and options listed in our Trailer Catalog will be considered a custom trailer order. 

To ensure that your custom trailer meets the high standards expected on any Kraftsman trailer, it will receive special supervision throughout the manufacturing process. This supervision may include CAD drawings (if necessary), design, and the construction of the trailer itself. The charge for customization is based on an hourly rate, and usually range from $50 or less for simple alterations, and up to $250-300 or more for complex changes. This charge is separate of additional labor or materials on the trailer itself. 

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Ordering a Custom Trailer

  1. Submit your custom application or design to a Kraftsman sales consultant. Once submitted, your rep will work with our engineering department and sales manager to provide a firm quote on your trailer. The trailer will be quoted as an "Out-the-Door" price, including trailer charges, options, and taxes, if applicable. Your sales consultant will also note the required deposit based upon the total price of the trailer (Usually between 25%-30% down).
  2. Review the trailer specifications, quote, and charges listed. If you wish to pursue the custom trailer order at this point, you will sign and date the quote, and pay the deposit quoted by your rep. The order is processed when both the signed quote and deposit are received.
  3. Your trailer will be built to Kraftsman's legendary standards! Balance of payment on the trailer will be due BEFORE delivery, or at the time of pickup.

It's that easy! Want to learn more about Kraftsman's custom trailers? Give us a call at 336-824-1114 or get started online